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Want to join the ESA Community?

Please find below the procedure

The European Surgical Association consists of Active, Senior and Honorary Members.


​​To be eligible for Membership, a candidate must have established a reputation as a surgeon from contributions as a practitioner, author, teacher, and/or original investigator, and have been recommended by the Council.


Candidates for Membership must be active in clinical, scientific and academic surgical practice.


They should have a position of a senior staff or consultant surgeon. Candidates must express a clear intention to contribute actively to the society and its goals.


Proposals for membership must be made by members, on a specific online form (available in the Member's area).


The application for membership shall be signed by three (3) members who shall vouch for the candidate’s character and professional standing.

Active Membership applications will be reviewed by the Advisory Membership Committee and submitted for approval to the Council. Membership shall be then approved by the Active Members through an electronic vote.

Propose a candidate

Proposal closed for 2023

The Membership Application
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