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General information & Application

European Surgical Association (ESA) Mentorship Program:

Nurturing Academic Excellence in European Surgery

The European Surgical Association (ESA) is proud to introduce its Mentorship Program, a groundbreaking initiative aimed at fostering collaboration and knowledge transfer among European surgeons. The program is designed to connect experienced members of the ESA with aspiring mentees who seek guidance and support in advancing their academic and research pursuits within the field of surgery.


Program Overview:

The ESA Mentorship Program is an invaluable opportunity for mentees to receive personalized guidance from seasoned surgeons who are members of the ESA. Mentors will offer support in various aspects of academic and research endeavors, with a particular focus on projects related to the ESA annual congress and collaborative multicenter European studies.

1. Mentorship Areas:


  • Submission of research work to the ESA annual congress.

  • Collaboration on multicenter European studies.

  • Guidance on navigating academic and research challenges.


2. Eligibility:


  • Open to all ESA members seeking mentorship.

  • Mentees can be early-career surgeons or experienced practitioners aspiring to contribute on a European scale.


3. Mentor-Mentee Matching:


  • Mentors and mentees will be matched based on their areas of interest and expertise.

  • Mentees will benefit from the wealth of experience and insights of ESA mentors.


Why Participate in the ESA Mentorship Program?


Accelerated Professional Growth: Mentees will receive tailored guidance, accelerating their professional development and helping them make meaningful contributions to the surgical community.

  • International Collaboration: The program facilitates collaboration on a European scale, opening doors to multicenter studies and cross-border research initiatives.

  • Access to ESA Resources: Mentees gain access to ESA's vast network, resources, and expertise, enhancing the quality and impact of their academic endeavors.

  • meetings and training sessions dedicated to team collaboration at ESA congresses. From our next meeting in Leeds, the afternoon of Thursday May 2 will be dedicated to a workshop on mentorship, followed by an evening of exchange and work. Young academic surgeons wishing to join the program, as well as mentors, are now invited to attend.


How to Apply:

Interested mentees are invited to submit their applications for the ESA Mentorship Program. Applications should include a brief statement of interest, highlighting their academic and research goals, and how mentorship will contribute to their professional development (form attached).


Submission Deadline: April, 1st 2024


Application Submission Email (with dedicated application form) :


Call for Nominations:


We call upon current ESA members to identify and nominate potential mentees within their networks. If you know a colleague or mentee who would benefit from this program, please encourage them to apply.


Join Us in Shaping the Future of European Surgery!


The ESA Mentorship Program is not just a program; it's a collaborative journey towards excellence in European surgery. We encourage all ESA members to actively participate by either applying to be a mentee or by nominating eligible candidates.


For any inquiries or additional information, please contact Pr Robert Caiazzo (


Thank you for your commitment to advancing surgical excellence in Europe through mentorship and collaboration.




ESA Next Generation Committee

Application Deadline : 1st of April, 2024
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