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"Christophe Mariette" ESA annual Grant
Deadline for application 2022: end date November 10th


Christophe Mariette, head of the Department of general and digestive surgery at the University Hospital of Lille, France and a very active member of the ESA, died in July 2017 at the age of 47.

His death was a shock for the surgical community that lost a prominent surgeon and scientist in the field of cancer and upper GI surgery, a charismatic teacher and mentor for the young generation of surgeons, an enthusiastic leader, an empathic human being, a model pupil and a caring friend.

This grant, unanimously approved during the ESA General Assembly in May 2018, is dedicated to the younger generation of surgeons and aims to sustain Christophe Mariette’s quest for excellence through collaboration.

The aim of the “Christophe Mariette ESA Grant” is to promote collaborative scientific exchanges between hospitals of ESA members, within Europe, through a young surgeon hospitation from 1 to 3 weeks.


This Educational “Christophe Mariette ESA Grant” will be annually offered to applicants. 

Depending on the selection of applications, each year one to three hospitations of 1-3 weeks can be supported.

Application for the grant is open to every young surgeons from the age of 35-45 years working at the institution of ESA members

The host (responsible of your hospitation) must be an ESA member as well.

“ESA Educational Grant Committee” will elect the applicants 

The “ESA Educational Grant Committee” consists of 3 ESA members and a committee chair nominated by the ESA council for a 3 year period

To be eligible for consideration, the following items should be submitted to the ESA Educational Grant Committee via the Submission available from this webpage.

One PDF file including, in order of:

  1. A Cover letter 

  2. The applicant’s curriculum vitae 

  3. The mentor’s curriculum vitae from the host institution 

  4. An acknowledgment from the host institution (see list) of support for the applicant’s clinical hospitation  

  5. Period of the exchange (from/to) with a minimum of 1 week to a maximum of 3 weeks.

  6. Letter of reference from the mentor at the host institution

  7. Letter of reference from the applicant’s home institution

  8. A summary of the applicant´s clinical activities of the last 5 years

  9. A brief summary of the aim of the hospitation (not to exceed one A4 or letter size page) such as: 

  • Technical aspects of minimal invasive/robotic upper GI , lower GI, HPB, endocrine surgery

  • Technical aspects of transplantation surgery

  • Surgical Oncology (esophageal, gastric, hepatocellular, cholangiocellular, pancreatic, colorectal,  thyroid cancer, soft tissue tumors, neuroendocrine tumors, and rare oncological diseases)

  • SOPs in high volume surgery (including general surgery, metabolic surgery, organ transplantation, endocrine surgery, and cancer surgery)


Once the selection will be done, additional documents will be asked, such as:

  1. A copy of your ID card

  2. A picture, good quality

  3. Bank account (IBAN & BIC/SWIFT)

  4. International health insurance


  • Observation in the OR; 

  • Clinical ward rounds; 

  • Visit on intensive care unit (optional);

  • Participation at multidisciplinary boards; 

  • Participation at one research meeting of the host institution;

  • Participation at consultation hours for patients;

  • Presentation of one own lecture on the clinical/research topic of interest (Grand Rounds);

At the end of your hosptitation it is asked to:

  • Send a short résumé on the content of your hospitation to the ESA grant committee

  • Attend and prepare a 10 minute oral presentation for the nearest ESA Annual Congress

Application process begins each year from 1st June to November 10th

Selection process by the ESA Educational Grant Committee is done between 1st october to mid december and presented to ESA annual council.

Grant winner(s) will then be contacted between mid to end of December.

Hospitation must be realised within 8 months from the day of your acceptance.





Up to 4000 € is allocated for a 1-3 week hospitation.

This is to cover transport, accommodation and catering during the young surgeon stay.


All original invoices must be kept and sent to ESA office to obtain costs revovery.


Half of the grant will be given before the hospitation to avoid any high personnal cash advance.

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