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ESA Exchange Program with the American Surgical Association (ASA) 

    Application closed   

Salon professionnel Conférence

The European Surgical Association announces an exciting opportunity for two of its members.


The Exchange Program between the American Surgical Association (ASA) and the European Surgical Association (ESA) is renewed for 2024.

The purpose of the ASA-ESA Exchange Program is twofold:

        To create an opportunity for members of each organization to network with members of the other

        To share information about the respective organizations, including history and key papers.

The Exchange Program consists of two members ("exchange members") per year from the ESA who will attend the ASA Annual Meeting, and vice versa.


The ASA has now asked the ESA to identify two Fellows to attend the 2024 ASA Annual Meeting.

The host organization will cover the costs of registration, association-sponsored social events, and hotel lodging only for each exchange member. Each of the exchange members will be introduced during the opening ceremony and will be permitted a three-minute comment. The photographs and biographies of each exchange member will be published in the program book. The exchange members will be responsible for arranging and paying for the costs of travel and incidentals, including lodging for any visits or side trips to national centers outside of the Annual Meeting of the respective associations.


The exchange members will be encouraged to submit abstracts to the Program Committee by the regular submission deadline, for presentation consideration at the scientific session. These would be reviewed by the Program Committee through the standard process, and selection would be determined on a competitive basis.  

What Is Covered:

  • Registration for the ASA Annual Meeting

  • Association-Sponsored Social Events at the ASA Annual Meeting

  • Hotel Lodging during the ASA Annual Meeting


What Is Not Covered:

  • Airfare and Ground Transportation

  • Lodging for any visits or side trips to national centers outside of the Annual Meeting



​Any ESA Fellow in good-standing is welcome to apply, and must be available to attend the 144th ASA Annual Meeting taking place April 4-6, 2024, at the Grand Hyatt in Washington, D.C., USA (

A letter of intent, which may include:

  • The ways in which this opportunity would enhance your surgical practice and/or research, or other anticipated benefits such as networking

  • The subjects of any abstracts you might potentially submit to the ASA Program Committee, for presentation consideration (optional)

  • The national centers that you might potentially visit outside of the Annual Meeting in in Washington, DC

  • Your Curriculum Vitae

Application closed.

Notification of Award:
Applications for the ASA-ESA Exchange Program will be reviewed by ESA Council, who will select two exchange members and two alternates. Applicants will then be notified whether they have been selected for the ASA-ESA Exchange Program.

ESA_ASA Exchange Fellows 2023.png


  • ASA 143rd Annual Meeting - 2023 (Toronto, Canada) :

Pr Robert CAIAZZO (Lille, France)
Pr Bas WIJNHOVEN (Rotterdam, The Netherlands)

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