- INFORMATION FOR AUTHOR  from the chair of the Editorial Board Committee, Wolf Bechstein

Thank you again for submission of a manuscript which would have been presented orally at the 27th ESA Meeting in Cologne.


Since some enquiries have reached us let me clarify this: while the physical ESA meeting 2020 had to be postponed due to the COVID-19 pandemic, manuscript which have been submitted to Annals of Surgery are currently under review by the Editorial Board Committee, as has been done in the past.


Soon, editorial decisions will be communicated once the required minimum of three reviews have been completed. Reviews are being performed mainly, but not exclusively by ESA members. In the past it has been highly unlikely that a paper would have been accepted without any revisions.


After the first round of revisions is completed a final decision regarding acceptance or rejection will be done by the Editorial Board Committee.


So yes: you manuscript is under review and no:, please do not retract your manuscript, the Annals of Surgery ESA issue will be filled with the best ESA manuscript selected in a transparent albeit competitive process.

Do not hesitate to contact me directly in case of any further enquieries.

Kind regards

Wolf Bechstein

Arnulf Hoelscher

2019-2020 ESA President


The European Surgical Association was founded in 1993 and is one of the European's most prestigious surgical organizations.


Its members include the continent’s most prominent surgeons from the countries leading academic medical institutions, many of whom are Chairs of the Departments of Surgery at these institutions. Membership also includes leading surgeons from around the world, making it much more than an European association.

The primary mission of the Association is to be one of the premier organizations for surgical science and scholarship and to provide a continental forum for presenting the developing state of the art and science of general and sub-specialty surgery and the elevation of the standards of the medical/surgical profession. This mission is accomplished primarily by conducting an annual scientific meeting consisting of selected presentations containing the most current information available on clinical and research topics related to surgery or surgical specialties, including studies on outcomes, practice of surgery and ethical and other issues that affect its practice.


The Annual meeting of the European Surgical Association is designed to provide comprehensive educational experiences in the fields of clinical surgery, experimental surgery and related sciences, surgical education and the socioeconomic aspects of surgical care. It is the Association's intent to bring together at this meeting the leading surgeons and scientists from Europe and other continents to freely and openly discuss their latest clinical and research findings.



With a great sadness we inform you that Professor Valerio Di Carlo passed away.


He paved the way of pancreatic surgery in Italy.

Our hearts and thoughts go out to his family, friends and loved ones. 


Christiane Bruns welcomes us in Cologne (Germany) for the next annual ESA meeting!
We already know this will be a great success.

27th Meeting of the ESA
Cologne, Germany
Date: posptoned to 2021

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ends on November 15th, 2019
(midnight, Paris time)
open to ESA members only or if you are sponsored by an ESA member
Special Lecture
postponed to November 30th, 2019
open to ESA members only or if you are sponsored by an ESA member
Manuscript submission
February 2020


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