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Ciseaux chirurgicaux


European's premier organization for surgical science and scolarship



Pr. Laurence Chiche

2023 - 2024

ESA President

The European Surgical Association was founded in 1993 and is one of the European's most prestigious surgical organizations.


Its members include the continent’s most prominent surgeons from the countries leading academic medical institutions, many of whom are Chairs of the Departments of Surgery at these institutions. Membership also includes leading surgeons from around the world, making it much more than an European association.

The primary mission of the Association is to be one of the premier organizations for surgical science and scholarship and to provide a continental forum for presenting the developing state of the art and science of general and sub-specialty surgery and the elevation of the standards of the medical/surgical profession. This mission is accomplished primarily by conducting an annual scientific meeting consisting of selected presentations containing the most current information available on clinical and research topics related to surgery or surgical specialties, including studies on outcomes, practice of surgery and ethical and other issues that affect its practice.


The Annual meeting of the European Surgical Association is designed to provide comprehensive educational experiences in the fields of clinical surgery, experimental surgery and related sciences, surgical education and the socioeconomic aspects of surgical care. It is the Association's intent to bring together at this meeting the leading surgeons and scientists from Europe and other continents to freely and openly discuss their latest clinical and research findings.

Président Homme

Annual Meeting

Pr Peter Lodge and Pr David Jayne  welcomed us in Leeds (United Kingdom) 

Thank you for your participation! This was a great success with more than 130 attendees

30th Meeting of the ESA
Leeds, United Kingdom
Date: 2-4 May 2024


If you are not up to date of your annual membership fees, it is time to proceed to payment.

Fees: 120,- €


Kindly note that renewal is only available for surgeons that have been accepted as ESA Members.


All up-to-date members beneficit from an acess to the online Annals of Surgery

Should you have not received your login, please contact us 

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Call for Abstracts for the 2024 Meeting

L'écriture portable

Classical Abstract


Open to ESA members only or if you are sponsored by an ESA Member


Prendre des notes

Special Lecture Submission

Open to ESA members only or if you are sponsored by an ESA Member


Livres en lévitation

Manuscrit Submission

Only accepted abstracts

25th of February 2024

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